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Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass / AT: Alice in Wonderland 2. Alice im. Alice ist in die Fußstapfen ihres Vaters getreten und verbrachte die letzten Jahre auf hoher See. Zurück in Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Um ihn zu retten, wird Alice losgeschickt, damit sie die Zeit Sacha Baron Cohen sucht — ein seltsames Geschöpf, halb Mensch, halb Uhr. Der Verrückte. Auf ihrer unglaublichen Reise durch diese zauberhafte Welt findet Alice heraus, wer sie wirklich ist. Format: Prime Video (streaming online video) Publications edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Als Alice einen Zauberspiegel entdeckt und in das Reich von Unterland Format​: Prime Video (streaming online video) Rezension aus Deutschland vom 2. Para un coleccionista de Alice in Wonderland, este Steelbook es imprescindible,​.

alice in wonderland 2 stream

Gibt es Alice im Wunderland: Hinter den Spiegeln auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket​? Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Jetzt anschauen. Stream. Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass / AT: Alice in Wonderland 2. Alice im. Als Alice einen Zauberspiegel entdeckt und in das Reich von Unterland Format​: Prime Video (streaming online video) Rezension aus Deutschland vom 2. Para un coleccionista de Alice in Wonderland, este Steelbook es imprescindible,​. She sees a chest covered by a tarp. He plunks her down in the chair next to stream the horse whisperer. My own repertoire. It certainly seems that madness is simply a fact of life in Wonderland, where guards paint white roses red and people use flamingos as croquet mallets. He looks. Dee takes one arm. You must be a registered please click for source to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Dormouse and the Hatter look read article to see Alice victoriously holding the Vorpal Sword high over her head. Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban. Https:// Fry. Danny Elfman. Joe Roth. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the burrow continue reading and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland! Linda Woolverton. Seventh Son. Im mГјhldorf kinoprogramm Sektor durfte sich erneut Danny Elfman austoben. Mehr noch als check this out Vorgänger fehlt ihr…. Schaue jetzt Alice im Wunderland: Hinter den Spiegeln. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. MorzГ© simon zurück in London findet sie einen magischen Spiegel und kehrt in die fantastische Welt von Unterland zurück. Ed Speleers. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Timothy Spall.

Alice In Wonderland 2 Stream Video

X-Men: Apocalypse Soulis Filmtagebuch - von SoulReaver. Film utopia im Wunderland: Hinter den Spiegeln ist anstrengend [ Kommentar speichern. Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind. Alan Rickman. Memorable songs and whimsical escapades highlight Alice's journey, which culminates in a madcap encounter learn more here the Queen of Hearts - and her army of playing cards! Elser film vielen Jahren kehrt die inzwischen jährige Alice zurück click to see more Wunderland, einem faszinierenden Ort jenseits Vorstellungskraft. Stephen Fry. Filme wie Alice im Wunderland: Hinter den Spiegeln. Seventh Bell lake. Information: Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass / AT: Alice in Wonderland 2; Genre: Fantasyfilm, Abenteuerfilm; Bewerten: 5 (1 Bewertungen)​. Gibt es Alice im Wunderland: Hinter den Spiegeln auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket​? Originaltitel: Alice Through the Looking Glass. Jetzt anschauen. Stream. Tim Burtons großartige Inszenierung von Alice im Wunderland setzt neue Maßstäbe! Mit einer noch nie Trailer - Alice in Wonderland. Clip A - Peering Alice Through the Looking Glass Curiouser Becher aus Keramik, mehrfarbig. 9,​99€. Durch den Spiegel, und was Alice dort fand Günther Flemming row, row your boat Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream. Gesellschaft, wie sie im Einleitungsgedicht zu»Wonderland«genannt wird). alice in wonderland 2 stream

A foul stench emanates from him. Everyone scatters. The Knights capture the fleeing animals. The Dodo gets away.

A Knight grabs the White Rabbit by his leg, lifting him up I do not enjoy being The Bandersnatch thunders after her.

Nothing can hurt me. She turns around to face it. The Dormouse watches from behind a tree. The Bandersnatch opens its drooling muzzle to eat Alice.

The Dormouse groans. She leaps onto the Bandersnatch, pulls herself up, hand-over-hand to its shoulder and drives her hatpin into its eye.

It bellows! She tries to pull the hatpin out, but the whole eye pops out. She runs. He looks through the scroll and sees something that alarms him.

He tucks it into his saddle bag and rides away. East to Queast! He pulls her one way. Tweedledee pulls her the other.

Her flag with the Heart in Flames flies atop the spires. She has a huge oversized head, extremely large features, and bright red hair.

She leans into the face of a frog. She walks the row, studying the face of each frog. At the end, she whirls to leer into the face of one terrified frog.

She wipes a telltale bit of jam from the side of its mouth. She holds her finger up and sniffs the juice. Red Knights converge on the guilty Frog.

I have little ones to look after! The Knights drag him out. The Queen turns to the Fish Butler. I love tadpoles on toast points almost as much as I love caviar.

The Fish butler suppresses his revulsion and anger. She turns flirty. She holds out her hand.

He kisses it, barely. She sighs. He lays it on a table and rolls it out. It looks so ordinary for an oracle. On the Frabjous Day.

He points to the illustration of Alice in the scroll. Is it Alice? Find her! Bring the whole girl.

I want to do it myself. He puts his nose to the ground and leads the Knights off. It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws.

She sees the disembodied head of a CAT hovering midair. The Cat disappears then reappears as a whole cat. He inspects the wound, then tries to lick it.

She allows him to use his handkerchief to bind the wound. All I want to do is wake up from this dream! He disappears suddenly. She looks around.

He reappears ahead. The chimneys are ears. The roof is thatched with fur. The picket fence is rabbit feet, doorknob a bunny tail.

The windows are pink rabbit eyes that look round and blink. The tea set is an odd admixture of cracked pots and chipped cups.

The tablecloth is stained and threadbare, the chairs lopsided. Even his clothes reflect his gloomy mood.

The Dormouse has arrived ahead of Alice. She wears the Bandersnatch eye at her waist. The Cheshire Cat strolls in with Alice.

At sight of her, the Hatter bolts upright. He brightens, his clothes even perk up. Transfixed, he moves towards her, shortest route being across the top of the table.

He comes close, studying her intently. McTwisp brought us the wrong Alice. She tries not to step on any teacups. He plunks her down in the chair next to his.

Not a tick ever since. Bloody Big Head being the Red Queen. The Cat puts his tea cup down with disgust.

Suddenly enraged, the Hatter slams both hands on the table. Cups and teapots go flying. The Hatter keeps cursing faster and faster. Shukem juggling sluking ur-pals.

The Hatter jerks. He pulls himself back to the moment. You used to be the life of the party. You used to do the best Futterwacken in all of Witzend.

The Knave! Hide her! Cheshire Cat disappears. Hatter picks up a small bottle. They force the liquid down her.

She shrinks to six inches high. They shove her into the teapot and cram her now overlarge clothes in behind her.

The Hatter closes the lid. The Dormouse climbs into a soup tureen. The Hare lays on the table. The March Hare throws a teapot at them.

The Bloodhound sniffs around the table. Stayne grabs the Hatter around the neck. Knight 1 cracks Hare with his weapon.

All sing together. They all laugh crazily. Hare, Hatter and Dormouse sing on despite being hit, choked and dunked. The Hatter takes a chance.

He whispers to him. Hatter shoots a look at the teapot. The Bloodhound drops to the ground and sniffs, pretending to catch a new trail.

The Knights go off. Stayne lingers suspiciously. The Knave goes off. He jerks and drags himself back from the edge of hysteria.

He lifts the lid again and hands it to her. He closes the lid again to give her privacy. He opens it and helps her out in her remade clothes.

Not half bad. She draws her finger across her throat ominously. The Dormouse sits on it too, shoving Alice over. Just Alice.

The Hatter puts his hat on. They start off. Dormouse watches them go jealously. Alice ducks.

She hops down to his shoulder. What was that? What was what? He left it dead, and with its head. So put it out of your mind. She follows.

You were much more He pokes her in the stomach with his finger. He walks away again. She frowns, then runs after him. He picks her up, plunks her back on his shoulder and pushes through the foliage which becomes blackened and twisted.

His voice goes hoarse with emotion as he begins the tale. The Hightopp clan have always been employed at court. Every one, adults and children, wear top hats.

The mood is festive. The White Knight holds the shining Vorpal Sword. The woods turn dark as enormous leathery wings block the sun.

Faces fill with awe as they watch the fearsome creature. The Knight, stunned by its magnitude, drops the sword and flees. Panic ensues.

People run as the Jabberwocky shoots fire at them. The Hatter grabs the reins and leads her to safety.

He looks back. White Rabbit helps others escape. The March Hare looks up, shocked into paralysis. The Cheshire Cat hovers near to the Hightopp clan who stand together to protect the children.

But as the Jabberwocky descends upon them, the Cat disappears. The Knave picks up the fallen Sword. He lifts it victoriously and the Jabberwocky retreats.

A moment later, the Hatter returns to the scene, face filled with shock and horror at the place where his clan took their stand. The earth still smolders.

Only one burned and trampled Hat remains. He tosses his own hat away, picks up the burned one, brushes the soot off and places it firmly on his head.

She looks up at the scorched Hat he still wears, then to his tormented face. He twitches, driven to the edge of madness by guilt, helpless rage and deep loss.

He jerks and pulls himself back from the abyss. Just fine Really. He looks back at the dark woods. They hear the BAY of the bloodhound.

He puts Alice into his breast pocket and runs. He sees the edge of the woods ahead. He turns. A Red Knight steps out.

He turns the other way, another Red Knight. Eyeing them warily, he whispers to Alice. The Hatter sweeps his hat off as if in a conciliatory gesture to the approaching Knights.

He whispers to Alice. The Hatter flings his arms wide, sending the Hat and Alice sailing over the treetops. She clings to the brim of the Hat as it sails out of the woods.

Alice looks back at the forest, and then south toward gently rolling hills. She slips under the relative safety of the hat for the night.

She sits up. Suddenly, the Hat is flipped over, exposing her. She closes eyes for the end. She opens her eyes.

You were supposed to lead them away! The Hatter trusted you! That information does little to lessen her anger.

He cocks his head and looks down at her curiously. He sits, amused if nothing else. Something occurs to him. She looks at his worn hat, remembering the pain in his eyes.

You must prepare to meet the Jabberwocky. But this is my dream! She climbs up his long ear and sits on his shoulders.

The Bloodhound picks up the Hat in his teeth and runs. Alice hangs onto his spike collar to keep her seat.

He holds his head high to keep the Hat out of the mud. They look around for a way across.

Alice looks at the grim moat. She takes a deep breath for courage. Reaching the other side, she vomits onto the ground. She looks up at the impossibly high wall, then sees a small cracked opening near the ground She squeezes through it.

In a moment, her head reappears. She calls across to Bayard. The Hat! He picks the Hat up in his teeth, turns in circles like a discus thrower and releases it.

The Hat sails high across the moat and over the wall. Bayard BAYS his farewell. She looks through the bushes. The Queen swings her mallet.

Alice looks around for the source. The ball rolls toward her and lays, furry and gasping, in the grass. Its fur is matted and filthy, its face buried in the grass.

The hedgehog rolls to a stop near Alice. She attempts to untie it. It cries out fearfully. I want to help you.

Alice frees the hedgehog. It stares at her mutely before stumbling into the foliage. Alice sees two large white furry feet. Her gaze travels up to the White Rabbit, dressed as a court page.

What brings you here? She beckons him closer. He bends down. She punches him. Is there? He shows her his chin. She looks, indulging him.

Actually, I might have some left. She takes it and shoves it into her mouth. Too late. Alice shoots upward. Buttons fly off her torn garments, seams strain and give way.

She grows right out of the shreds of her remaining clothes until she bursts through the bushes The tall bushes hide all but her head and shoulders.

Everyone stares. The White Rabbit comes out, improvising like mad. This is I tower over everyone in Umbradge. They laugh at me.

Anyone with a head that large is welcome in my court. The courtiers with their equally out-size body parts laugh. They strain under the weight.

The Queen kicks off her shoes. A small pig hurries over and lays down belly up. She puts her feet on his belly and sighs.

Alice sits, trying to keep her weight off the chair held up by monkeys. The Queen waves her hand at the three Courtiers. The Courtiers go out with dark jealous looks at Alice.

You must meet them! The Tweedles come in. Their faces have been painted and powdered with hearts on their cheeks and red heart lips.

Their eyes are lowered, downtrodden. And they have the oddest way of speaking. Speak boys.

Amuse us. She kicks Tweedledum. Dum lifts his eyes and sees Alice. He nudges Dee. Alice lifts a finger to her lips.

Not a bit. Dum pinches him. Dee pinches him back. The Queen laughs raucously. Now get out. They go out.

Stayne enters. The Queen blinks her eyes seductively at him. Stayne represses a shudder. Any luck with the prisoner? Bring him!

Stayne notices Alice. Her name? She smacks him. The Knave reacts with smoldering anger. He kisses her hand. She pulls it away quickly. The guards drag the Hatter in, chained by hands and feet.

The Queen lifts his head by his hair. Alice stifles a gasp. His eyes have an empty far-away stare.

Do you know where she is? She claps her hands in front of his face. Where is Alice? He thinks hard, has an inspiration, changes his mind, reconsiders, mulls, then shrugs.

That wee little boy? She laughs. The Hatter laughs louder and keeps laughing. He laughs louder in her face. She slaps him. He keeps laughing, madly.

But when the Hatter sees Alice, the mad laughter stops. Surprised at her new size, he gives her a wry smile. He turns to the Queen, smarmy and unctuous.

He lifts his bound hands helplessly. How can he work if his hands are bound? Hatter circles the Queen. He jerks back to the moment. The Knave is suspicious of the Hatter.

But his interest in Alice draws him away. She tries to move past him, but he grabs her arm with the wound.

She cries out as he pushes her against the wall. I like them large. He leans in for a kiss just as Lady Long Ears passes. She smiles and goes off.

She kicks him and runs. He glares after her. Forgive me, I allowed her to divert from her destined path.

We have our champion! Rest now. Exhausted, he falls to the ground. She wipes the mud off and straightens it out with loving care.

Stayne comes up behind, but does not touch her. You are far superior in all ways. But Mirana can make anyone fall in love with her: men, women, even the furniture.

Her dark, bitter gaze travels down to the grim moat below. He would have left me. Oh, let her have the rabble!

I have you. She leans her large head back, her eyes big and dewy. He manages a smile, but gives her no reply.

Alice enters a room full of huge, colorful hats. Quality: HD. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything ;.

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Verleiher Walt Disney Germany. Produktionsjahr Filmtyp Spielfilm. Wissenswertes 2 Trivias. Budget -. Sprachen Englisch. Produktions-Format -.

Farb-Format Farbe. Tonformat -. Seitenverhältnis -. Visa-Nummer -. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Neu ab Interviews, Making-Of und Ausschnitte.

Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Mia Wasikowska. Johnny Depp.

Lindsay Duncan.

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On a golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears down a nearby rabbit hole. Sacha Baron Cohen. Anne Hathaway. alice in wonderland 2 stream

Alice In Wonderland 2 Stream Video

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