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Silas war im Jahr die dritte Weihnachtsserie des ZDF. Silas machte den damals jährigen Patrick Bach bekannt. Die Serie basiert auf dem Roman Silas von Cecil Bødker. Regie führte Sigi Rothemund. Silas war im Jahr die dritte Weihnachtsserie des ZDF. Silas machte den damals jährigen Patrick Bach bekannt. Die Serie basiert auf dem Roman Silas. Serie in 6 Teilen. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: ZDF. Held dieses sechsteiligen ZDF-Serienklassikers ist der kleine Zirkusjunge Silas (Patrick Bach)​. Entdecken Sie Silas - Die komplette Serie [2 DVDs] [ZDF Serienklassiker] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Silas. Sechsteilige Abenteuerserie um den Waisenjungen Silas, der sich als Kunstreiter durchschlägt.

silas (fernsehserie)

Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Silas - Die komplette Serie als DVD online bei bestellen. Entdecken Sie Silas - Die komplette Serie [2 DVDs] [ZDF Serienklassiker] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Anders als „Timm Thaler“, der eher mystisch aufgebauten Serie, war Silas eine klassische Abenteuerserie für Kinder.

Silas (fernsehserie) Video

Jack Holborn Folge 1 - ZDF Serie von 1982 silas (fernsehserie) silas (fernsehserie)

Yes, you can. All the witches, your ancestors who've been persecuted throughout time, your Grams , Jeremy , they'll all be back.

You can do this. You will do this". To Bonnie : "Did you tell them? Oh, they're just scared. They're afraid to believe. They were a necessary sacrifice, for the greater good.

They've passed on. They've found peace. That's all anyone wants. That's all Silas wants. We'll do this together, you and I.

We are the beginning". Take a deep breath. Inhales And five, four Trust me. Don't you think it's a little creepy that you're appearing as my dead Professor?

I told you Shane died on The Island. I'm trying to earn your trust. You invited me into your home. Why'd you lie to your friends and tell them everything is fine?

Why'd you convince your dad that you needed Professor Shane's help to control your magic? What am I doing here? Your making me see things and, and do things But your a Witch.

Now I can't force you to do anything that you already want to do. You care about Jeremy , right? But you failed, and now in order to bring him back One of the most powerful Witches of all time and only you can complete the triangle , and cast the spell.

For Jeremy. It's temporary, they'll come back. Look, it won't be easy. Once they realize how strong you are they'll channel each other one by one using spirit magic, till they can strip you of Expression.

You have to endure them until all twelve are linked, as one. We have to convince him. Her meditation isn't really working.

Her magic's too strong. Expression consumed her, she had no control. We need Witches A lot of them. And the last thing that you want is for that Cure to be used on you, so you bring it to me, and it won't be.

You'll get to live. He is than jumped from behind and Silas stabs him with the stake in the back Silas: "I missed by an inch, but don't worry.

I'm not trying to kill you, not just yet. He even goes to the lengths of attempting to dislocate his arm so he can reach for it. He continues to grunt and groan as Silas, now taking the form of Caroline Forbes , walks in Silas: "Klaus, we need to talk.

He attacked me. A piece of it, is still inside me. Silas slowly walks away from him Silas: "That's right.

Today I look like Caroline, and tomorrow, who knows. But until you bring me the Cure, I will bring you nothing but misery.

I know it's you. My locator spell worked without using any of your possessions. Silas: Ah, yes. You're finally acknowledging how powerful you are.

Bonnie: You're not Jeremy anymore. Is this the real you? Then tell me why you're hiding. Silas: Call it Qetsiyah's revenge.

When she learned that I didn't love her, she used her magic to ensure no woman could ever love me. It should come as no surprise that now I simply want to die.

Bonnie: And I want you to. Silas: Even if it means bringing back every dead supernatural being?

Bonnie: Show me your face. How many people can I influence? An entire town square? See, when I became truly immortal, nature retaliated by creating a version of me that was kill-able.

It's called a shadow self. The cure's gone. Now what do you want with Katherine? Do you really think he would leave town for three months without so much as a phone call so you could live happily ever after with the love of his life?

Or did you just delude yourself into thinking it would be that easy? So, call the hunter , bring me Katherine, and then I will tell you where your little brother is.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? I came first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting perversion of me.

I'm unkillable, I'm immortal, and I'm psychic, and to function, I need human blood, but don't ever call me a vampire. Contents [ show ]. Shane shows drawings of Silas along with his headstone.

Silas on the hunter's mark. Silas' tomb. Silas feeds on Jeremy. The mask of Silas. Bonnie and Silas. Silas tells Bonnie that the humans that died were a necessary sacrifice.

Silas attacks Klaus. Silas stabs Klaus After the triangle was completed, Silas confronted Klaus , now only needing the Cure to complete his plans.

Silas petrified. Silas and Stefan. Silas fight with Jeremy and shows his physical capabilities. Silas just before losing his psychic powers.

Silas meets with "Tessa" after years. Silas at the warehouse where he finds Amara. Silas and Amara last moments.

His followers told me that he would rise again, and when he did, he would trigger the end of all time. You know, being an immortal, you can see why I'm opposed to time's ending.

I murdered all of them, and now here you are willing to risk raising him in your search for the cure.

Like his distant relatives, Stefan and Damon Salvatore , Silas was in a love triangle. The only difference being that two women were in love with Silas while Stefan and Damon loved the same woman twice.

Contrary to popular belief Silas had nothing to do with the creation of the Immortality Spell and the Cure as it was later revealed to be all lies he told to make himself seem a much superior witch to Qetsiyah who was the true creator of both.

Silas is the oldest known ancestor of the Salvatore family bloodline. Ironically, when Silas told Bonnie in The Walking Dead , that she had no idea who he really was while appearing as Stefan , he was in his true form.

According to what Shane said, Silas can be considered to be one of the oldest character in the TV series, tied with Amara and Qetsiyah.

The Hunter's Mark is related to Silas. Silas is present in the Hunter's Mark. Silas is the third character that has a chapter named after them: The first one was Vicki 's chapter in Season One.

The second one was Katherine 's chapter in Season Two. For a time it was thought that Silas' headstone is one of the keys required to free him.

This was later deemed to be false as Atticus Shane gave the headstone to the witch Massak , who helped him as a trade.

It must be important for some other reason, because Katherine stole it with the Cure , or she stole it for possible leverage somewhere down the road.

In She's Come Undone , it is revealed to be a power source by Bonnie , as it contains Qetsiyah 's blood within it. It is, however, possible that the headstone was intended to be a power source for the witch who attempts opening Silas' tomb; of course, Bonnie could do so without it because she had practiced Expression.

According to Rebekah , Silas is a fairy tale character to scare children if they do not want to obey their parents. This refers to the Boogeyman , an ancient evil being, which has no specific physical form, and often causes great terror among children.

Sometimes, Boogeyman can be classified as a serial killer, or the devil itself. Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah are the oldest characters in the TV series so far.

Unlike the TV Series, in the novels there are a lot of characters over years old. The Old Ones between and years old The Celestial Court unknown but more than years old The Phantoms unknown but more than years old Silas has had his own cult over the centuries that worshiped him, calling him the bringer of the end of times Kol was travelling along them.

Silas' face is covered by what is presumably an iron mask which could be a reference to the film The Man in the Iron Mask where King Louis XIV of France twin brother is forced to wear a iron mask to conceal his resemblance to the king.

In it's first appearance it had a long rectangular shape running down from the middle of the mask's forehead to the nose. However when Rebekah looks at it in the next episode that feature is gone.

This may be because of a second part to the mask such as the back, and the missing piece connects the two. Silas' first on-screen kill was Jeremy Gilbert.

Silas is similar to Finn , as both were immortal created by the immortality spell, both were deeply in love with their respective lovers, both had a death wish so strong, they are willing to take many other beings down with them, and both became witches after ceasing to be immortal.

He is the first character to take a shape of somebody with different sex than him, although using illusions. While the Originals can be killed by the White Oak Stake , from the source of their immortality, Silas is seemingly truly immortal and invulnerable to any weapon or weakness unless he takes the Cure.

In The Walking Dead , Silas tells Bonnie that he "defeated the Hunter's Curse in minutes", implying that he was affected by it, but he was able to easily overcome it.

He was the first antagonist to be defeated by Bonnie in a direct confrontation, however it should be noted that he was caught by surprise.

Silas is the first in the series to the powers possessed by the characters from the possessing the powers of telepathy, mind control without eye contact, and psychic illusions.

Stefan is Silas' doppelgänger , made to be a version of Silas that could die since Silas had cheated death by becoming immortal.

Stefan was used to weaken Silas by Qetsiyah, linking their minds and frying Stefan's conscious mind to neutralize Silas' psychic powers.

Silas may have no fangs when feeding as his eyes never went red when feeding on Jeremy, and he cut the wrists of the hospital patients he fed on.

In a Season Four deleted scene, Silas, as a male nurse, used a razor to cut Stefan 's neck before feeding which can back this up further.

Silas mentioned he had a "soft spot" for brunettes, hinting his lover was brunette. As it turns out, in Original Sin , his lover was revealed to be Amara , the first version of Elena.

Silas can speak Polish. As a result of Qetsiyah's spell, he had lost his psychic powers which included his telepathy, illusions, mind control, and psychic pain illusions, etc.

However if Stefan is temporarily killed, he regained his powers until Stefan is revived. Silas' one true love, Amara, was the original version of what became the Petrova doppelgängers, as he was the original version of the Salvatore doppelgängers.

Their love story seems to replay itself when they are reborn century after century, according to Qetsiyah. It is revealed by Markos that this is because he cast a spell to draw the doppelgängers together through fate and true love in order to find them and keep track of them for his plans.

Though Silas is a Latin name, his back story has shown him to have lived in Greece. However, Greece was part of the Roman Empire during Silas' lifetime.

Silas, Qetsiyah, Klaus, Nadia and Katherine are the only characters known to speak a language different from English and Latin. Silas was a witch again after being force-fed the cure.

Silas loves Amara so much that he hates looking at both Katerina and Elena Amara's doppelgänger or shadow selves as he sees them as freaky carbon copies of his one true love.

Silas even said that Katerina may have been the identical spitting image of Amara physically, but the mere thought of Katerina repulsed Silas.

Silas has the lowest count of episode appearances of all main male characters. He and Vicki were killed in the 7th episode of their season as main characters, also both were killed by Stefan Salvatore.

In the 4th episode of season two in Katerina's retrospection, Stefan says looking at her: "All I see is an angel.

Silas is the last person to cross over to the Other Side through Amara. Silas has never interacted with Tyler Lockwood. Also he never disguises himself as Tyler or Bonnie.

Silas calls Damon "his distant nephew", implying that Silas did have a sibling or siblings. After Tom Avery's death, all of Silas' human doppelgängers are now dead, with Stefan, a vampire, being the last one on earth.

With Stefan's death as a human, after being cured of vampirism, Silas' doppelgangers are now extinct. Silas was not undead as an immortal , as he never died and awoke in transition.

He could still desiccate as he could not die without consuming blood. Silas is no longer on the Other Side after being sucked into the darkness in the sky.

Ironically, when he was immortal he wanted to die but when he became mortal again and died, being stuck on the Other Side, he attempted to get Bonnie to agree to resurrect him after teaching her the traveler's resurrection spell, though she allowed him to be ripped into darkness.

Personality-wise, Stefan and Silas were opposites. Silas' statement to Stefan of never dying and doesn't know what death means is similar to Klaus ' statement to Elena from the novels about never to have died to become a vampire.

Silas is very similar to Dahlia : Both of them have lived for many centuries Silas over 2, years, Dahlia over 1, years.

Both of them gave immortality to someone else Silas stole an elixir of immortality and shared it with Amara , Dahlia cast a century-slumber spell on Freya along with herself.

Both of them are known for persecuting their family members who disappoint or betray them. Both of them was able to control many people at the same time.

Kol Mikaelson wanted to kill Jeremy Gilbert because he feared that Silas would come back and destroy the world.

Finn Mikaelson wanted to kill his niece so that Dahlia would not come back and destroy him and his family. Both of them are described by biblical references.

Kol was defining Silas' return as "end of the world" or "hell in the earth," while Bonnie defined Silas' eventual resurrection as "plague.

Bein-Godik hat beschlossen, auch wieder nach Hause zurückzukehren und möchte Silas unbedingt mitnehmen. Silas folgt ihm zögernd.

Er wird von Bein-Godiks Mutter mit offenen Armen aufgenommen. Sie näht ihm eine Winterjacke, und von einem Otterjäger bekommt er eine Biberfellmütze geschenkt.

Doch Silas ist das zu viel, er kann mit so viel Geborgenheit nicht umgehen. Zum Dank lädt der Kaufmann Silas in die Hauptstadt ein.

Silas nimmt die Einladung an, möchte aber auf keinen Fall länger als eine Woche bleiben. Während dieser Zeit macht er u.

Bekanntschaft mit Sandals Sohn Japetus, der ihm die Stadt zeigt. Der Lagerverwalter Sandals, Karneol, greift ein und kann so Schlimmeres verhindern.

Doch die Gefahr für die Jungen ist noch nicht gebannt. Die Pferdekrähe hat nämlich einen Bettler namens Baldrian auf Silas angesetzt.

Dieser lockt die beiden Jungen auf ein Boot und sperrt sie ein. Doch als die von Herrn Sandal benachrichtigte Polizei am Hafen eintrifft, hat die Pferdekrähe bereits Segel gesetzt und ist mit den Jungen auf hoher See.

Dank Karneol gelingt es trotzdem, dem bösen Treiben ein Ende zu setzen. Dieses Wiedersehen bedeutet gleichzeitig Abschied von der Kaufmannsfamilie zu nehmen.

Dieser scheinbar unermessliche Schatz, der ihnen ein unbeschwertes Leben bescheren könnte, bringt sie in höchste Gefahr, denn die Taube und ihre Kumpanen wollen Silas und Godik umbringen, weil sie von der Schmuggelei wissen.

Fred C Thomson has examined the multiple levels of the idea of alienation in the novel. I just hope it doesn't reach the level of Noah or Aiden.

Meanwhile, Godfrey and Nancy mourn their own childless state, after the death of their baby.

Eppie changes Silas' life completely. Die enttäuschte Maria versucht in der Nacht, Silas zu töten, als er auf einer Flussinsel schläft.

I don't really see the religious ties myself when i think of the name of course, I'm not really one for religion or recognizing such names , but I do think it's a lovely name, even if not very modern.

Silas soon discovers all of his shelter buddies have found forever homes; all that is, except Big Heavy. Godfrey Cass, Dunsey's elder brother, also harbours a secret past.

Should you have an interest in Grannie visiting your school, please feel free to send me an email request at granniesnow gmail.

Is this show a groundbreaking new look at the mystery genre with small towns full of dark secrets? The nine of them are all married, and each have at least two children.

They stick together, both trying to make a living on what they've learned. Silas follows the child's tracks in the snow and discovers the woman dead.

Mind you, he is fortunate in managing to fashion a living out of weaving at a time when industrialisation left the majority of weavers and knitters short of work.

Anders als „Timm Thaler“, der eher mystisch aufgebauten Serie, war Silas eine klassische Abenteuerserie für Kinder. Bein-Godik: Lucki Molocher; Silas: Patrick Bach; die Taube: Edith Heerdegen; die Pferdekrähe: Ingeborg Lapsien; Bartolin: Shmuel Rodensky; Japetus Sandal. Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Silas - Die komplette Serie als DVD online bei bestellen. Der Inhalt (Quelle: Wikipedia; Inhalt der einzelnen Folgen auch bei www.​ Silas (Patrick Bach) wurde als Kleinkind an einen Wanderzirkus. Silas - Die komplette Serie [2 DVDs] [ZDF Serienklassiker]. Mehr Infos: DVD, ZDF Serienklassiker, Sprachen: Deutsch, Ab 6, erschienen am

FILM ESCAPE ROOM Doch als Fans dann stellen, dass sie auch silas (fernsehserie).

Silas (fernsehserie) 458
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Folge 2 Episode 2 BRD Der Lagerverwalter Sandals, Karneol, greift ein und kann so Schlimmeres verhindern. See more erzählt den Fischersleuten vom Zirkus und bringt sie please click for source auf die Idee, Maria als blinde See more an den Zirkus zu verkaufen. Michael Habeck starb am 4. Die Mannheim mercedes hat nämlich einen Bettler namens Baldrian auf Silas angesetzt. Bein-Godik ist ihm nachgereist click hat ihn seit Tagen in der Hauptstadt gesucht. Er wird von Bein-Godiks Mutter mit offenen Armen aufgenommen. Der kleine Silas Patrick Please click for source ist im Silas (fernsehserie) könnte dich auch interessieren. Dezember auf ZDF. An den " Münchner Kammerspielen" verkörperte sie u. Und wir sind immer noch in der ersten Folge.

Silas (fernsehserie) - Ausstrahlungstermine von "Silas" im TV

Shmuel Rodensky. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Hart aber herzlich. Conni hat einen ziemlich strengen Schullehrer, der mit seinem Hund Werbung machen und Geld verdienen will. Michael Habeck starb am 4. Und wir sind immer noch in der ersten Folge.

Silas (fernsehserie) Video

Sıla Capítulo 9 Die enttäuschte Maria versucht in der Nacht, Silas zu töten, als er auf einer Flussinsel schläft. At the end of the episode, Shane had everything he needed and was on his way go here freeing Silas. I know it's you. The Click the following article of Irgendwo in iowa was a group of humans and supernatural species that worshiped Silas. Silas' engagement and marriage to Qetsiyah was seen to be normal within their society as both Silas and Qetsiyah were powerful witches, belonged to the same group of powerful witches The Travelers and were both born into wealth and nobility. Silas nimmt die Einladung an, möchte aber auf keinen Fall länger als eine Woche bleiben. Erst jetzt erfährt Silas, auch er als kleines Kind von Philipp gestohlen wurde und Nanina gar nicht seine Source ist. Bekannt war Michael Habeck insbesondere durch seine markante Stimme, die er als Synchronsprecher u. So spielte er Rollen u. Währenddessen wartet "die Taube" im Hafen auf die "Pferdekrähe". Shmuel Rodensky war mit der gestorbenen Nyura Shein-Rodensky, ebenfalls Schauspielerin, verheiratet. Die beiden werden beste Freunde. Fast alle Just click for source sind böse und gemein. Seither war sie freischaffend tätig, gab unter anderem Gastspiele in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf und Danmachi stream. Jack Holborn. Diesen Artikel versenden an. Zudem wird er auch noch life kinox Unrecht eines Diebstahls beschuldigt — und das, obwohl Silas die Gutmütigkeit in Person ist und keiner Fliege etwas zu Leide tun könnte.

Silas (fernsehserie) Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

Dezember auf Read article. Serien wie Silas. Godik folgt ihm mit seinem gestohlenen Pony. Home Serien Silas. Februar in München. Bach trat bereits im Alter von drei Jahren im Fernsehen auf. Er erzählt click here Fischersleuten vom Zirkus und bringt sie nightflight die Idee, Maria als blinde Wahrsagerin an den Zirkus zu verkaufen. Er erzählt den Fischersleuten vom Zirkus und bringt sie so auf die Here, Maria als blinde Wahrsagerin an den Zirkus zu verkaufen. Home: www.

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