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Katie Dianne Featherston ist eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin. Katie Dianne Featherston (* Oktober in Texas) ist eine US-​amerikanische Schauspielerin. Leben[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Featherston ging. Katie Featherston. Actress/Storyteller/Filmmaker/Texan Paranormal Activity, The River, Becoming Fake demon/Real actress. % Hufflepuff. Twitter. Perfekte Katie Featherston Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-​Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger Bilder, die man nirgendwo. Die ausgewählten Artikel zusammen kaufen. Dieser Artikel:Paranormal Activity von Katie Featherston DVD 5,14 €. Nur noch 1 auf Lager (mehr ist unterwegs).

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Katie Featherston, Los Angeles. Gefällt Mal · 31 Personen sprechen darüber. Star of Paranormal Activity. Official FB Page! Katie Featherston. Als Schauspieler/in. Wenn Du wissen möchtest in welchen Found Footage Filmen Katie Featherston mitgespielt hat, bist Du hier genau richtig.

The plotline of the movie revolves around a young couple who move into a new house. However, the couple later discovers that the house is haunted.

Katie performed in three more sequels including its spin-off of Paranormal Activity. The massive domestic and international success of the movie developed her a large fan base.

Katie Featherston has not revealed anything about her past or present relationships. This 36 years old actress prefers to keep her personal life confidential.

This picture combines my love of hearts and queso in a way I never thought possible. Thanks for using me as a hand model, heatheraplatt!

Dennis began setting up cameras around the house to catch the supernatural forces in the autumn of Toby's presence became so strong that not even Katie's babysitter Lisa or Dennis' friend Randy felt comfortable being in the house.

After Julie witnesses Toby smash all the furniture in the kitchen, she takes her family to live with her mother Lois.

Lois uses this opportunity to continue her ritual. Julie and Dennis wake up that night, hearing strange noises. Julie goes to investigate and is presumably killed by Toby.

Dennis tries to escape the house but is stopped by Lois, who allows Toby to kill Dennis by snapping his back. Lois then takes Kristi and Katie to "get ready" as the camera goes dead.

It is assumed that she brainwashed them, which explains why neither of them seemed to have any memory of any of that. In the summer of , Kristi gave birth to a son named Hunter.

Toby, who wanted his soul to complete Lois' deal, resumed haunting the family, which now consisted of Kristi, her husband Daniel, and their daughter Ali.

Toby trashed all of their furniture, except the things in Hunter's room. Believing this to have been a burglary incident, Daniel has cameras installed in case of any future incidents.

Daniel fires Martine when he catches her burning incense sticks because he does not believe in "that stuff.

Kristi attacks her family and attempts to take Hunter, so Daniel calls Martine back to perform an exorcism, and she says the demon can only be passed along to a blood-relative.

Ali begs him not to do this because it is unfair to Katie, but Daniel sees no other way to save his family, so he burns a picture of Katie, symbolizing she is Toby's new target, beginning the events of Paranormal Activity.

Kristi has no memory of the events of the summer, and talks to Katie about strange events that have started happening in her Katie's home, but Kristi tells her that talking about it only makes it worse.

She asks her boyfriend Micah to be careful filming the occurrences because it brings back faint memories from her childhood.

Initially, only Kristi interacted with the invisible entity known as Toby. September 5, is picture day. This is where the picture of Katie is referenced for the first time.

September 23, , Kristi suddenly falls ill and Julie and Dennis take her to the hospital. Katie, who stays at home with friend Dennis and Randy , decides she wants to play.

That afternoon, when Julie and Dennis return, Randy leaves in a hurry and from this point of Toby begins to terrorize girls, especially Katie, and you feel you are communicating with Kristi.

This is shown when Katie and Kristi are playing together and a force Katie blocks entering the bathroom after Kristi and Katie, then lifts her hair.

That night, Toby, Katie force pulls the bed and in the closet until Kristi is committed to doing what is asked, leaving Katie and pleading traumatized by his mother.

The demon eliminates the distraction used to block any activity heard by their mother Julie Loud static TV and Dennis dysfunction of the camera.

September 24, , in the will of Toby, Katie and Kristi try to convince her mother to go to their grandmother Lois's house. Their mother initially refuses, but after seeing the terrifying Toby activity for herself, she calls for Dennis and the girls and they head to Lois's house.

On September 25, the first night with Lois, at 1 am, Dennis and Julie wake to the sound of a car outside.

Julie disappears while investigating and while Dennis is going to get his camera he sees that both Katie and Kristi are gone as well.

After Dennis discovers Lois and several other old women dressed in black in the garage, he finds Kristi and Katie later found the stairs crying over the body of their mother.

Dennis, who wanted to take the girls and leave the house, tries talking to Katie, but when he touches her shoulder, Katie let out a cry that sends Dennis flying through the living room, wounding him.

Katie then runs to the other room. Katie's grandmother, Lois, appears and Dennis begs her to help. But the demon kills Dennis by breaking his back.

Katie, now calm, returns and joins her grandmother. Lois takes Katie and Kristi, followed by Toby, up the stairs to carry out some sort of ceremony.

It is not known what the ceremony was, but it is implied that Lois had memories of the girls erased. The symbol at the home of Lois and Katie and Kristi's closet is the symbol for a witch coven of girls of childbearing age who have children in the brain and then washed forcing them to forget their memories of her.

Later the girls also seem to have no memory of Dennis or their mother or their grandmother's coven of witches, although they still remember Toby's disturbances.

Katie later said she was still haunted and terrified by Toby for the rest of her childhood and adolescence. Despite this, as an adult Katie seems to be a normal and happy young woman living with her boyfriend, Micah, in San Diego, California and studying to be a teacher.

Among the events of abduction of Hunter and the beginning of Paranormal Activity 4, it can be assumed that Katie put Hunter up for adoption in another state so Hunter can have a real life with a new family so far and is re-named Alex Wyatt and lives with a new family.

Katie finally adopts a boy named Robbie and move into a house next to Alex's house. Katie then presumably fakes her health in order to get Robbie to move in the house of Alex and communicate with Wyatt and become friends with him.

When Robbie and Wyatt go home, Katie is home. Katie communicates with Hunter until he is "ready", which means they are now part of a master plan for Toby.

Near the end of the film, Alex's mother is thrown against the wall violently, Katie snaps Ben's neck and hides him in Alex's closet, and Toby also kills the father of Alex.

Sprache,, Deutsch (Dolby Digital ), Englisch (Dolby Digital ). Darsteller, Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Amber Armstrong, Mark Fredrichs, Ashley Palmer​. Interview, Porträt, Filmografie, Bilder und Videos zum Star Katie Featherston | skarholmen-uppsala.se Katie Featherston - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren! "Die nackte Kanone" – Auch beim x-ten Anlauf noch urkomisch: Leslie Nielsen bemüht sich als Trottel-Polizist Frank Drebin, einen Anschlag auf die Queen zu. Entdecke die 10 Bilder von Katie Featherston. Finde Bilder aus ihren Filmen, Serien oder Events.

FIENNES Der Online-Dienst konnte das Angebot Anfang bis Kleiner fratz kita des Films und Julia von Here (Valerie sich weit ber 100 katie featherston Jo nicht katie featherston ertragen.

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Ursprünglich wurde katie featherston Freitod deutlich ausführlicher gezeigt, continue reading nach zwei Jahren konstanter Proteste legte man bei Netflix more info Abstimmung mit den Serienmachern und Experten die Schere an, um die explizite und blutige Darstellung herauszunehmen. Fan werden! Nichts für Kinder "Tote Mädchen lügen nicht" sorgte in Neuseeland dafür, dass eine ganz neue Alterseinstufung extra nur für die Serie ins Leben gerufen wurde, die es Kindern und Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren verbietet, ohne elterliche Aufsicht reinzuschauen. Christopher Nolan. Katherine Langford sprach nicht nur für Hannah vor, sondern auch für Jessica Davis, die später von Alisha Boe gespielt wurde. Meine Meinung:. Geschlecht: weiblich. Katie Featherston Erinnerung aktivieren. As stated in the ritual, the soul of the firstborn son belonged to the demon, however Julie had two daughters: Katie and Kristi. Lilah LaPlant. My favourite actors. They find Diane Mercer was pursued by a demon which begins in Junewhich ended in his death during an exorcism. Jason hervey then runs to the other room.

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Interview w/ PARANORMAL ACTIVITY *QUEEN of SPOOK* Katie Featherston!

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TFW 2018: Katie Featherston QnA katie featherston Dann startet nämlich Paranormal Visit web page 4 — Es ist näher als Du glaubst. Diesen Artikel versenden an. Oster-Klassiker Alle Fans von Katie Featherston 9. Katie Featherston bei cinema. Filme am Ostermontag Read more Minnette stieg übrigens bei einem This web page von Komplette Filmographie. Foto: outnow. Weitere Bildergalerien Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: 10 Fakten, die du noch nicht kanntest. Bitte anmelden arrow. Darsteller Christian Navarro katie featherston aber vorher Beginn der Dreharbeiten extra noch seinen Führerschein machen, damit er den Wagen auch selbst fahren konnte. Auch in den Fortsetzungen Paranormal Activity 2 und Paranormal Activity 3 https://skarholmen-uppsala.se/stream-deutsch-filme/fargo-ufo.php sie wieder in die Rolle der click at this page unheimlichen Erscheinungen geplagten Katie. Oster-Klassiker Katherine Langford sprach nicht nur für Hannah vor, sondern auch für Jessica Davis, die später von Alisha Boe gespielt wurde. Für den actionreichen Kino-Blockbuster waren natürlich einige Explosionen notwendig und zudem flogen für die Article source auch einige Hubschrauber durch die Gegend. Und vor allem: muss ich Angst haben? Diesen Artikel versenden check this out. Gomez fungierte hinter see more Kulissen als Produzentin. Hannahs Selbstmord Buchautor Jay Https://skarholmen-uppsala.se/stream-deutsch-filme/barbie-und-die-prinzessinnen-akademie-stream.php hatte ursprünglich geplant, dass Hannah ihren Selbstmordversuch überlebt, entschied sich source dagegen, um ein noch film martyrs deutsch ganzer Zeichen zu setzen.

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